Our mission

The Researchers beyond borders is an anti-poverty entity. In line with our mission statement, we advocate poverty driven initiatives which have direct impacts on individuals, entrepreneurs, households and communities. At present, we run four pro-poverty initiatives.

Start-up capital

Yearly, we set aside a proportion of proceeds. Such proceeds are offered to well-deserving entrepreneurs. We believe that, by providing capital and technical support to an entrepreneur, will play a contributory role to poverty alleviation. In the next 5-10 years, we intend to have provided Start-up capitals to about 50 entrepreneurs. By so doing, we intend to lift few households out of the poverty cycle. Such Start-up capitals are offered to Historically Disadvantaged Individuals. Preferences are however given to poor entrepreneurs from rural communities.

Applicants who may want to apply for the 2020 Start-up capital should forward their Curriculum Vitae and Business proposal (not more than 3 pages) to – info@researchersbeyondborders.co.za, before the 30th of June, 2020.

Green initiative

The Researchers beyond borders intends to launch a pro-green campaign across selected rural communities of South Africa. The identified communities are those which have been severally affected by climate change. Thus, our team has lined up a list of pro-green initiatives intended to support some vulnerable rural communities of South Africa.

Updates on this initiative will be posted on our website during the second quarter of 2020.

Winter drive

We collect new and fairly-used blankets and jerseys from donors. Such blankets and jerseys are donated to shelters within Durban during the winter season.

Should you like to contribute to this drive, send an email to – info@researchersbeyondborders.co.za; we would arrange for collection.

Support a family

We also distribute groceries to well-deserving families across the KwaZulu-Natal Province.

Should you like to be a part of this noble act, send an email to – info@researchersbeyondborders.co.za.