Mission statement

The Researchers beyond borders is an anti-poverty entity. In line with our mission statement, we advocate poverty driven initiatives which have direct impacts on individuals, entrepreneurs, households and communities. At present, we run four anti poverty initiatives.

Vision statement

Researchers beyond borders intends to be a leading research institute on the African continent by 2030

Core values

Excellence, empowerment, innovation, collaboration  


Discovery beyond the unknown

Our Team

Researchers Beyond Borders is a team made of passionate, skillful, energetic and experienced researchers. This initiative was created out of the desire to support struggling Masters students with Research capacitation workshops. And ever since its formation in 2012, our team had grown so tremendously, and expanded its services.  Over the years, our team had embarked on vast amount of work ranging from Data Capturing, Data Analysing and Interpretation, Conference Organising, Capacity workshops, Thesis Editing and Research tutorials. Our current team is composed of 11 highly skilled personnel. A majoritant of our personnel have a Doctoral degree from some of Africa’s most revered Universities. Our professionalism ethos and work ethics has resulted to a couple of awards in the last few years. Our clients are often highly satisfied with the amount of attention, precaution and professionalism we attach to each job. This reputation over the last few years has resulted to several referrals, and we are ever excited to extending our remarkable services to new clients. 

Why us

Several of our clients have chosen us over other Outsourcing entities due to some of the following considerations:

  • Team composed of ‘Passionate’ researchers
  • Experienced field workers
  • More than Seven years of experience
  • Teams ability to work in rugged terrain and sparsely populated rural spaces
  • Affordability
  • Accuracy of data
  • Promptness in delivery of services
  • Team has good rapport with a variety of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders